1st and 5th Grade Science:

1st Grade Predictions

5th Grade Food Web Activity

The students in Mrs. Carter’s first grade class have been learning about fall.  They conducted a science experiment to find out what color is hiding under the chlorophyll in leaves.  As the students waited for the results, they recorded their color predictions on a class graph using the Smart Board.  They could hardly wait for the chlorophyll to dry to see if their predictions were right or not!

Does a frog eat a grasshopper?  What gives energy to a raccoon?  That’s what Mrs. Evan’s 5th grade classes have been figuring out as they have created food chains in Science.  The students have been in small groups developing food chains showing how energy flows in an ecosystem.  Now they are learning how the food chains interact and become food webs.  They completed an activity last week using yarn to create a large food web.  This week students will be back into small groups creating food webs from their food chains.


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