First Day of School 2010

Practice With Cereal

What a great start to the 2010-11 school year!

I always consider writing a book after each first day of school and this year is no exception… teeth falling out by the minute, the attack of the lunchroom vomit, student wardrobe malfunctions, the funny things that kids say, and my newest future chapter… self serve lunch!!   Our new cafeteria allows students to choose side items and spoon them into their try.  I was a little apprehensive as first, but felt better after practicing with dry cereal first thing this morning.  By the time lunch came around, our students were pros.  I am sure that they will tell you all about their cafeteria experience.

 This is just a reminder that it is very important that we do not use the bus circle as a parking lot.  Several cars parked there throughout the day which slowed the dismissal process because it limited bus and student maneuverability. Yes, busses and student “pick-up” dismissal were delayed.  This happens each year but was particularly delayed due to everyone, staff included, learning new procedures.  I realize that a delay in dismissal is inconvenient for you, but please remember that I am working to get 760+ students home safely.  This will get better each day… I promise you that.  Please be patient as we work out all of the kinks.

 I want to take a moment to thank the wonderful parent volunteers that have committed their time to help throughout the day during the first few days of school.  The additional support during arrival, dismissal, and lunch was a wonderful help in orienting our students to the new school.  As always your support is appreciated.

 I can’t wait for more fun tomorrow…  I think that I might even be able to fall asleep tonight… I hope the same is true for the kids!

Self Serve Lunch


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  1. Not really liking this idea, due to the many germs and kids handling the utensils and then using hands to eat food with. Does not sound very sanitary at all

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