Readyfest West Reminder

Just a reminder that Readyfest will be held on this afternoon, August 19,  at Glen Este High School from 3:00-7:00 for families who have children who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program.  You must present your medical card or proof of income as well as proof of residency.

There will be free school supplies, new shoes, socks, and underwear for those who qualify.


2 Responses

  1. I know you shouldn’t look a gifthorse in the mouth, but my wife showed up at 6pm with our three kids and didn’t get half the stuff you advertised. no shoes, 2 pairs of socks and only half the school supplies needed. you shouldn’t get expectations up just the let them down.

    • My response is simple on this one. All elementary schools were asked to advertise as well as donate needed items to our families. I am sorry to hear that you were disappointed with ReadyFest. As you are well aware, the economy has globally affected our community. The purpose of the event is to provide some assistance to needy families. I ask you to look at it on a grand scale… West Clermont has approximately 4,000 elementary students. Of those 4,000 students, over 1,000 were eligible for the support of ReadyFest. This number has increased drastically. Through the generosity of our community, donations were given in order to help. The goal of the event is to lessen the load on parents financially and help students feel excited about having school supplies for their first day of school. Although you may not have received what you were hoping for, I would hope that it reduced your burden at this expensive time.

      I appreciate your feedback and will forward your concern to the appropriate individuals.

      Mrs. Walker

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