Drum Roll, Please…

I am very excited to announce that our staff hiring is complete!  As I mentioned in a blog posting on June 1st, we will have several new Amelia Elementary staff members during the upcoming school year.  I strongly believe that these new outstanding additions will help us carry on with providing the most progressive learning experiences for all children in our school.

Mrs. Cathy Berchtold will be teaching preschool.  Mrs. Berchtold comes to us from Holly Hill where our preschool program has been housed for several years.  Mrs. Wright will be joining her as the preschool classroom assistant.  Mrs. Wright comes to us from WT Elementary.  I am thrilled to add preschool to our school community.

Miss MegAnn Michael will be teaching afternoon kindergarten.  She comes to us from the Chicago area with six years of experience working with an at-risk population and has a great deal technology experience.  Miss Michael will be joining Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Wells as the kindergarten team.

Fourth grade will have two new faces during the 2010-11 school year.  Mrs. Deb Langdon and Mr. Bill MacFarland will be joining Mrs. Marcotte, Mrs. Schneider and Mrs. Kahles as the 4th grade team.  Both teachers come from Brantner Elementary and bring a love and excitement for science.

Other staff additions include Mrs. Rhonda Deatherage and Mrs. Nancy Johnston.  As you may remember, Mrs. Deatherage worked with us several years earlier and is returning as our school librarian.  She is very excited to return to Amelia.  Mrs. Johnston will be joining the office staff as my Administrative Assistant.  Mrs. Johnston will help with low-level discipline.

As previously mentioned, Miss Van Eman will be joining Mrs. Varney, Mrs. Knapke, Mrs. heltzer and Mrs. Zoldesy as the 2nd grade team.  Lastly, additional art, music, gym and library teachers will travel to our school from our neighboring West Clermont elementary schools in order to support our growing population.  I am very grateful for the additional support.

All of our new staff members are excited to be part of our Amelia Elementary family.  Thank you for your patience while I worked extra hard to find “just right” teachers for our wonderful school.


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  1. I am interested in preschool for my son how do I sign him up?

    • The preschool programs in West Clermont are designed for students’ with disabilities. If you feel that your son or daughter might qualify for the program, contact Sara Jane and/or Linda at the WC office at 943-5032. They will help you through the evaluation process. That being said, each preschool has a limited number of “typical peer” spots in order to demonstrate roll model behavior. This is not a waiting list, but rather a pool of typical peers that would fit the need of the classroom. In order to sign-up for the possiblity of one of these openings, stop by our office in August to fill out the interest paperwork. I hope that this gives you the information that you needed. have a great summer. -Mrs. Walker

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