Non Request Policy

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!


I would like to take this opportunity to discuss my policy concerning teacher requests as we begin thinking about the upcoming school year. Amelia Elementary operates with a non-request policy when making student assignments for the following school year. This means that specific teacher requests will not be honored or considered.

Parents are asked not to request that their child be placed in a specific homeroom or that the child be moved from one room to another.  If parents have a specific concern they would like to discuss with the principal, this must be done in writing with legitimate reasons stated to assist the principal in the decision making process.  Please state in your letter any unique needs your child might have to assist the principal with an appropriate placement. Any parental concerns or unique needs of an individual child must be presented in writing to the principal.

Teachers are currently working hard to create class lists for the next school year.  Several factors are considered while creating class lists:

1. An equal number of boys and girls are placed on each list.

2. Heterogeneous grouping of students with varying abilities.

3. Separation of students whose discipline has been a problem when placed together.

4. Even distribution of similar names.

5. Consultation with the principal.

The staff puts in a tremendous amount of time preparing balanced class lists.  It takes weeks to finalize placement.  All lists are created but are not assigned to a specific teacher. I reserve the right to make all final decisions for class lists.

Teachers will not accept any requests.  If parents have specific concerns, these must be brought to the attention of the principal in writing.  I hope you see how much time and effort goes into this process in order for us to make good, sound educational decisions for all students.  Due to the large volume of late summer and fall enrollments and withdrawals, rosters will not be posted until early August. Changes cannot be made to class rosters.

We ask that parents support us by adhering to the non-request policy.  If you have questions or concerns you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to contact me.


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