Smartboard 101:

Amelia Elementary teachers went “back to school” this week to learn about the new technology that will be available in classrooms during the 2010-2011 academic school year.  Teachers will continue to receive professional development during the remaining weeks of the school year in order to interact with the technology that will provide students with a hands-on approach to classroom learning, as well as engage students in today’s high paced technological world.


Mrs. Schneider Learning How to Use Smartboard Technology


For a long time, chalkboards were the standard method of displaying and relaying information in most classrooms. As technology advanced, the messy chalkboard was replaced by the white board, a flat, plastic surface that could be drawn or written on with special markers and then erased with little to no mess. As the chalkboard gave way to the whiteboard, the whiteboard is being replaced by a newer invention, the smartboard. Invented in 1991, the smartboard is a digital whiteboard that is touch sensitive and runs off of a personal computer. It is an interactive whiteboard that can save and store any information that is written on it, as well as enable the user to refer to notes downloaded from the Internet or other sources.

Most smartboards have the same features, allowing users to input data through the use of plastic pens that contain no ink, the user’s hands, a wireless mouse or pointing device. The software for the smartboard is loaded onto a local computer or network, where smartboard-compatible software can then be called upon for use on the screen.

While the smartboard does not utilize a traditional keyboard or mouse, the tray that holds the digital pens has two functional mouse buttons, allowing the user to perform common functions. The pens, which do not use ink or electronic components, are programmed to display as different colors, typically blue, black, red and green. The pen tray also contains an eraser that works on the same principle as the pens. The smartboard software also allows users to bring up a digital keyboard that can then be utilized by pointing to the letters on the screen. A smartboard comes with its own program, called Notebook, which is commonly used by educators in a classroom setting.


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