Mrs. Walker’s Blog Bits 3-22-10

Lady Liberty Visits 2nd Grade

The second graders at Amelia Elementary were mesmerized by “Lady Liberty” on Friday, March 19th.  Christina Bryant, from Liberty Tax Service in Withamsville, arrived in costume to treat 120 second graders to a fabulous lesson about the Statue of Liberty.  They learned that the seven points on her crown represent the seven continents and the seven major seas and oceans of the world.  They also learned that the twenty-five windows on her crown represent the twenty-five basic minerals of the world.  When the Statue of Liberty was refurbished several decades ago, 24-karat gold was used on her torch, and “she” was coated with a thin layer of copper.  Her green color is a result of the copper changing due to the water and the salty air.  If the Statue of Liberty had to have a new dress, it would take four thousand yards of material, and believe it or not, her shoe size would be 879!  The students were the recipients of foam crowns and coloring books, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  It was a magnificent sight to see 120 crowned children singing the song that she taught them.  We hope she will come back to visit next year!

Calendar of Events:

  • March 24th at 7:00 PM:  4th Grade Fine Arts Night in Gym
  • March 25th at 6:00 PM:  Literacy Night in Gym
  • March 27th:  Easter Egg Hunt
  • March 29-31st:  5th Grade Camp Kern
  • April 1st 6:30:  PTA Skating Party
  • April 2nd-11th:  Spring Break- NO SCHOOL
  • April 12th:  Students Return to School
  • April 20, 22, 27:  OAA Test (3rd, 4th and 5th grade students)

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