The New Building :)

3-8-10 Amelia Elementary
Lighting in Entrance
Inside of the Office
Art Room

I had the opportunity to walk through the new building with one of the building designers discussing color choices and the cabinetry installation.  It was a very overwhelming process in that the building is SO BEAUTIFUL!  I simply can not wait to open the doors to our students and families. 

Lighting in Entrance Photo:  The main entrance of the building is amazing.  It has very large windows pulling in the natural light.  The library window is on the top left.  While entering the building you are able to see students in action in the library.
Inside the Office Photo:  This photo gives you an idea of where the reception desk will be upon entering the office.  The cabinetry is visible within this photo.  All classrooms have the same color of cabinets with dark “Amelia blue” counter tops.  The blue wall color, along with a pale yellow,  is one of the accent colors seen throughout the building.
Art Room Photo:  The art room has become one of my favorite instructional spaces in the new building.  It is very large, has wonderful windows incorporated into the bay window.  The art room has two sinks, natural lighting, ample storage and a kiln room.
The Official Countdown:
177 Days
13 Hours
44 Minutes
20 Seconds

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